Health and wellness touch each of us differently. Socially, pubes are unwanted and undesirable. As women we are bombarded by the narrative — from magazine articles to advertisements — that our pubic hair is something to be banished. Just look at the stats: Out of 3, women surveyed , 85 percent removed their pubic hair in some way. While 59 percent said they removed their pubic hair for hygienic purposes, So by saying my hair was like pubic hair, they were making a point that my hair was also offensive to look at — that I should feel ashamed of its natural state. As most women who have any semblance of social media presence know, and more so for those of us in media, being subjected to trolling is nothing new. My earliest memories of my hair almost always include physical or emotional discomfort in some form. The male classmate who asked me whether my hair down there matched what was on my head.

Dating While Natural: What’s The Real Deal?

Blame it on their adorable-yet-aggressive pursuit of my happiness. Date My Friend, Wednesdays on Bravo. After a fair amount of prodding, a few secondhand testimonials, a heavy dose of shade and some semi-legitimate threats, I appeased my friends with a profile on Bumble. Almost two years ago, I cut off all my hair and started a natural hair journey. At the same time, I began experimenting with wigs.

After a man hair-shamed her for having naturally curly hair, one woman took to Reddit’s R/CurlyHair forum to share her response with her fellow.

The media and pop culture have collectively shifted to celebrate curls in every form. This is ironic, considering the fact that women of color have been fighting for an equal playing field when it comes to hair since the beginning of time. The harsh reality is that women are still being subjected to microaggressions and discrimination in the workplace in school systems on a daily basis because of the way they choose to wear their hair.

Just a few decades ago, the ideology America held in high regard was that straight hair was the single most beautiful hairstyle. This false notion contributed to the overuse of chemical relaxers and perms, which are treatments used to physically alter natural hair to become straight for long periods of time. It also flooded the minds of women of color with the belief that we needed to straighten our hair so we could have the same opportunities and be praised under the limiting societal standards of beauty the same way our white counterparts were.

During this transformational time, the outlook on natural hair has manifested into a fascination. Textured curls have always been an anomaly, but the fetishism associated with natural has turned into another form of discrimination. Kristen White , a year-old living in New York City, decided to embrace her big, fluffy curls a few years ago. Her experience since she began wearing her curls has been a complex one.

She loves her natural hair, yet she takes advantage of the freedom of switching up her styles when she feels compelled to because she can. It makes me wonder: Do you like me for me, or are you attracted to me because of my natural hair? And I literally go to the same coffee shop. Because I freely wear my hair in various styles— curly , straight, braids, twists, and more—oftentimes, people mistake me for a different person.

THE MOST presents: The Shea Butter Chronicles

I may be biased, but I think curly girls are drop dead gorgeous. Nevertheless, not only is curly hair stunning, but it also beautifies our personalities making us curly girls a pretty great catch! Curly girls are patient. Washing it, deep conditioning it, styling it and the dreaded time trying to dry it. This is sprinkled with hours spent researching ways to better handle our hair mostly on gossipcurls. All in all, curly girls learn patience very early in their natural hair journey, which translates well for our significant others.

We talk with influencer and PR maven Cassidy Jordan about her experiences dating with natural hair. She’s about to spill some tea, y’all. Come get you some!

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Is Your Hair Texture Keeping You Single?

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a newly married couple named Patrick and Keisha. Patrick truly loved his wife, and mutually Keisha loved Patrick. Throughout their childhoods, growing up, both had mostly been exposed to relaxed hair. Keisha, who was considered by many to be very pretty, had been relaxed for many years — including the entire time she had known Patrick. Her husband, Patrick, was very proud of her and had pictures of her up everywhere in his office at work.

One summer night in August of , Keisha, who worked full-time as a registered nurse, decided that she wanted to go natural.

Dating and natural hair: When do you get comfortable enough to let him see the “​real” you? Tawona discusses the when it felt right for her.

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What Men Really Think About Natural Hair – Part 1

About 3 years ago I decided to start embracing my natural hair. That meant no more flat ironing. I was going to wear my curls proudly. I was nervous. Does it look ok? Did I use the right product?

Dating site for natural hair – Find single woman in the US with relations. Looking for romance in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place.

Every relationship has its own set of rules, and dating a woman with natural hair can add a few more regulations to the list. We love our hair, and taking care of it plays a major role in our daily lives, which means it may also play a major role in your life if you’re dating us. Our quirks, routines and lingo may be a bit hard to understand, but it means so much that you put up with it.

You’ve gotten used to oil-soaked hands after running your fingers through our coils, and you know better than to make any comments about our Celie braids. You’ve learned right along with us from those first days of transitioning to tutorial-worthy twist-outs. We appreciate you, and major shoutout for learning the terms, listening to the tutorials and reminding us that every day is a good hair day. Below are some of the changes we know you had to get used to from dating a natural-hair woman.

A Pittsburgh native, she currently lives in a shoe-box apartment in Brooklyn, N. Argan, coconut, olive, eucalyptus, avocado—your nose becomes expert at sniffing out which oil was used to nourish our strands that day. Many concoctions go into these coils, and while most natural oils have very little smell, after a while you can pick up on even the most subtle of scents.

Extra points if you’re able to piece together the very complicated seasonal-oil-change algorithm. We will not be leaving the house and will, in fact, be spending the entire day washing, detangling, trimming, deep-conditioning and styling. By now you know not to expect any outside plans, and maybe give a day-or-two cushion before expecting normal activities to resume; it takes a few days for the curls to pop back.

You’re dating a natural now, and this is your life.

Dating While Natural – Is My Natural Hair Keeping Me Single?

Have you ever changed hair color and found strangers or colleagues treating you differently? What about those magazine articles about what your hair color says about you? Does having this color hair make you more intelligent and trustworthy? I grew up in the s and s in a place where stereotypes around hair color most often, around blond hair were still prevalent.

I’m a single black woman, 34 years old with natural black hair. I’m going on a trip soon and wanted to get a style that would be easy to maintain.

Welcome to my blog. I try to take the struggles out of natural hair by making posts that show you how to make hair care easier. Love is in the air! It just so happens that this lovely lady has natural hair. Here are some tips that will teach you how to impress a girl with natural hair so that you can have the perfect start to whatever type of relationship you both agree to.

Natural hairstyles can take a lot of patience and energy. Acknowledging the amount of work that goes into natural hair on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis is a great way to get on her good side. Historically, people have had very strong reactions to natural hair , so we are keen at picking up on subtle shots like that. Now you might not mean any harm when saying any of these. How do you avoid this? If you want to really impress your favorite natural, give her the gift of her favorite natural hair products.

I would be so shocked and appreciative if my man bought some products for me sometimes. I’m sure she would feel the same way.

I Used To Have Anxiety About Wearing My Naturally Curly Hair on a First Date

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White men dating black women with natural hair? Anonymous. I met a white guy with my hair straightened out.

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Dating a Natural